site updates

10-22-2022: i'm currently testing out a mobile-friendly layout for the site! so far only the index is working, but test it out on your phone and see! also, i've added a ko-fi link to the header! donators will have their names and an optional message added to a special supporters page!
10-4-2022: the site index has just been overhauled! more changes are likely to come.
10-2-2022: made a new hidden page about a doll i really want to own someday and i'm still not sure where exactly i should hide it so here it is. also, there's a whole new page on my art archive for my old art (2020 and earlier)!
9-9-2022: new page on elysium is up + added a proper archive to the main page of elysium
8-15-2022: added a new shrine (NiGHTS)! it has some interesting coding stuff i'm pretty proud of!
8-13-2022: added some new vocaloid translyrics!
8-4-2022: added some seeeecret pages to the buttons menu :O
8-2-2022: the art archive is back up! most of the changes were to the filepath structure, just making it easier for me to view and add to. i also added a brand new section for digital sketches and some new pieces to other sections!
8-1-2022: hello! now that i have neocities supporter, i'm planning to move my fictosexuality and 2d love-related writing to a separate site that will function as a more comprehensive fictosexuality and 2dl resource. i know that this topic can be somewhat divisive, and that not all of my site's audience are interested in reading about it, but moreso than anything else i feel that a simple subpage on a much larger site isn't a sufficient platform to discuss something so important to my life, as well as something so divorced from my art and work. if you're interested in following the development of the new site, check back on my neo site profile! i'll post an announcement from the new site when the time comes.
7-26-2022: recently started a new horror/vent journal called elysium in the writing section. i wouldn't recommend checking it out if you're not cool with vent or body horror, but i am pretty proud of the writing i have on there.
7-23-2022: tamagotchi and vpets page is up!
7-10-22: we're back from maintenance! most of the changes were under the hood (better organizing my filesystem and whatnot), so not much will have visibly changed. you may have noticed the new font! this is a microsoft font that scales cleanly across most screens and sizes. i loved the ds bios font, but it wasn't the most web friendly and i've been wanting to change it for a while. i think this one works wonderfully!
i've also fixed the broken youtube links in my vocaloid lyrics pages.
7-9-2022: finished my itabag page! i'm pretty proud of it, so i'd love to hear what you guys think!
7-3-2022: this bulletin is an iframe now! wow! i also added a template for a content display next to this one, but i don't exactly know what i want to put there yet. i'm sure i'll figure it out soon!
6-26-22: more of an announcement than a site update, but i added my artfight to the social tab. i plan to spend the rest of this week preparing for artfight, and will probably be quite active when it begins, so if i'm a bit less active here, i apologize! i'll probably update my art gallery with a page for my attacks one the event starts. also, i forgot to mention this before, but the pixel art page is finally up!

6-23-22: the shrines and fanpages section has changed location! it can now be found on the sidebar.

6-22-22: something big is coming sooooon!

6-15-22: said webkinz fanpage (pj collie) is now up, and my raven beak shrine is no longer under construction! i finally have some stuff there! (^_^)

6-12-22: currently working on a new webkinz related fanpage! it's not up yet, but it will be soon!

6-7-22: added more translyrics and more content to the knuckles fanpage -- another page no longer under construction, woohoo! next week when i'm home i'm going to start taking photos for a new figure collection gallery, so stay tuned!

6-4-22: added a favicon! (courtesy of foollovers)

5-31-22: added a (very incomplete) knuckles the echidna fanpage :)

5-30-22: added a sidebar section for my vocaloid translyrics! i still have more to add and will update with new ones as i make them. i also added this fun update bulletin, and a fancy new iframe to my about page. the subpages might not work yet, but hold tight!