Untsuku! (You Are Lucky!) is a Flash game created around 2007 (actual date unknown) by Japanese illustrator Shuichi "Ossy" Oshida.

As of right now, you can play it on an official host website here.

However, to prepare for the end of Flash, I have a playable (but incomplete) SWF file available to download from Mediafire here.

Let's go over the basics of the Untsuku's world!

Click on various spots to make Kumanchi perform actions.

Fellow Untsuku will appear as this vast land grows more and more crowded.

Can you discover everyone?

There's no time limit, so it's easy and fun!

(You should also check out the menu on the left-hand side!)

Translated beginning tutorial (to the best of my ability)

What is You Are Lucky?

You Are Lucky/うんつく is a 2007(?) Flash point-and-click puzzle game created by Shuichi Oshida (not to be confused with Shuichi Yoshida, the novelist).

It takes place in a sky pavillion populated by Untsuku, cute animals with swirls of sentient poop on their heads.

In fact, the game's title is a pun - depending on how it's read, it can either mean "good fortune" or "poop stuck on your head." :P

Oshida seems to be a big fan of bears, especially pandas. His most famous work is an adorable giant-mecha show called Robonimal Panda-Z.