Yuyoyuppe ft. Megurine Luka

Lyrics by LuckyK/Lieutenant Lucky

In the corner of a memory reduced to lines and ink
There was a pair who sought eternity, a lonely hand that tried to trace me
On and on, you kept your head up high in hope that I would make it out of here, break from reality, escaping to a place that only we would know

When I smiled back at you, you couldn’t see beyond my gaze, I suppose it’s okay

Searching for a farther destination, farther than the joy of my creation,
Couldn’t help but crying when the seasons change, ah
If there was a way I could be with you, if there was a will to be beside you
I’d forsake anytime the life that forces us apart
And I’d wish

As I chased away the pain of love and fate, ideas that only make things harder, I had met your eyes
So full of light and focused on me
Every time you’re born again I try to find a reason
But it seems like every shot I try to take
Is painted in a shade unknowing

What a shame, with no blood inside my veins I cannot comprehend the space that is drawn between you and I

The endless fantasy that we had written every night
Comes to a closer, bringing me closer,
Now to the touch of fingertips

Until your masterpiece is done, until the time this ends,
Stay with me till then, dye me in the colors you created

Searching for the truth within the comfort, through the happy lies we told each other
Couldn’t help but crying when the curtains close, ah
As the distance grows we understand it, as we stand our little loving hands are
Unaware of the loneliness that’s tearing them apart
So I wish
Make my wish