Mousou Sketch (Delusion Sketch)

40mP ft. Hatsune Miku

Lyrics by LuckyK/Lieutenant Lucky

If it’s too much for me to bear, I’d rather leave you standing there
Forever on the lookout, aching, awaiting my devotion
Although I know that it won’t bite, holding my hand out gives it time
I’m begging, praying for your love to save me with all my soul

The lying sky opens up and cries and the tears divide us yet again,
They fall upon my face as the storm begins
Somewhere in the ocean coursing through my chest, a single blooming flower grew from the rest

If telling lies just seems to come so easily to you
Well then it must be twice as easy to pretend that it’s true
And if survival means I’ll never think of looking back
You have my trust, so for now I’ll be deceived by you

Your dirty secrets such as mine, it’s best to leave them all behind
To keep this sweet delusion of our true love alive

And if your love leads you astray
Then maybe it’s not worth the chase
There’s no point in excuses, nor these saccharine sentiments

This town I lost myself in so long ago, is getting louder by the day
Pretending not to hear them, I bolt away
I’ll take whatever sort of company I get, since fitting in is such a tiring game

If saying all of the right things is such a piece of cake
Well then it must be twice as easy to make every mistake
Before we check our answers, won’t you answer me again
You passed the test, but are your intuitions really correct?

And since we’re both just liars in our own sorts of ways
There’s no good reason to hold that against me, wouldn’t you say?
I’m fine with loving you from just about a shoulder’s length
So take my hand, and tonight, why don’t we just run away?