Yuyoyuppe ft. Megurine Luka

Lyrics by LuckyK/Lieutenant Lucky

Let me hear you loud and clear my darling,
Take hold of my heart and purify me
All the masterpieces I’ve created
I will finally forsake them -- once more

Your pulse that I have tried to find, was but delusional desire
What should I call this sensation? So close to my salvation
This smile that I’ve faked so long still lives within the real one
Morning sky that calls out to me, all I see’s a future reflected in gray

All the stars that I wished on desert me after all
If they’re finally granted, please hear my call

Stained with everything that’s overflowing from this heart of mine, there is no knowing
Where your lovely voice is trailing off to, somewhere nobody will dare go
If it ever was real to begin with, there’s no longer proof of its existence
As for these two eyes, I’ll do without them
Let me fall into your arms, Leia

As this illusion that we grew sang to itself a mournful tune
What should I call this creation? All I made were effigies painted in gray
All eternity waited for me with bated breath
Left me out in the dark with no resolution left

When this hourglass sinks to the bottom, everything we know will be forgotten
Oh these hopeful words, sweet with no substance, were never to be accepted
Smile once for me, just for a moment, say a little prayer, all is not hopeless

If the gods above can’t hear my words then please just lead me to the slaughter

Let me hear you loud and clear my darling,
Take hold of my heart and purify me
Standing by your side, I’ll put an end to
This canvas of my delusion
If you never were real to begin with, if there isn’t proof of your existence
Then I’ll let myself go up in flames with this illusion in my heart