Kagaribi (Bonfire)

Junky ft. Kagamine Rin

Lyrics by LuckyK/Lieutenant Lucky

Without a sound, I lean against this icy wall
As if the warmth we shared was never there at all
Still waiting for you

A voice so small and delicate still rings in the night
With all its might, to ends unknown it cries out
In search of that which can’t be seen, those things that were lost
I’ll look until the end and find that brilliant light

I fall to a deep sleep, my consciousness fades away
Somehow in a dream, you were there…

Swinging, swaying in the twilight
Ah, within this bonfire’s light
You, who I had loved so dearly
Seemed to move along the same beat
If the hand of fate determines that I am to live without you
May those hands caress me once before they drag me down to hell
Ah, my darling in the sky, my roots are planted on the ground

If I make another wish, maybe then it would be heard
If you’re truly listening, I know it seems absurd
Yes, I’m told but even so, this is this not the end, I know
Even if I call your name, the sun will still rise again today

Fluttering within the cold air
Open heart but what remains there
I, who had been surely searching
Wanders on without a purpose
Seek and try to find the lost light
Running from a hopeless skyline
Since the hand of fate determined
I will walk alone

Swinging, swaying in the cold night
Ah, this blazing bonfire’s light
A voice so small still trying to cry out is choking back a sound
“Promise me you’ll meet me someday, take me far away from this place”
Shakily I shouted to the sky and you did not reply
Ah, my darling, I will chase the flame and learn to fly