Empty Shell

Napoli-P ft. GUMI

Lyrics by LuckyK/Lieutenant Lucky

This PV contains gory/violent imagery!

You perfect people, in bodies just as perfectly created
Despite your charm, I know you can't come to the next life
The me who stumbles, who used up every bit of motivation
The confidence I had, this mask, is slipping even in my mind

Oh, if I could laugh at pain
Oh, if I could deal with change
Oh, if I could start again
Because I wanted that, I'm strapped to this bed

I can't cross into the light
If I sink or swim, I might just end up swept away
And even if I try to fly
These useless legs of mine ensure that I can't leave this place

So still and silent, the time is passing
As always, no matter what I say, the seasons always change
I was told that nothing came from sleeping
Even though my future buried itself in dreams

Even though I laughed at pain
I'm just swallowing the taste
I'll pretend to understand
But still I can't do anything—

Will I cross into the light?
Till this heart of mine is pulverized into my ribs
If I don't chase you down like this
Then I won't take your shape and my body crumbles once again

People always call the shots
Who's called “normal” and who's not
And I wanted to take part, and so I hid the side of me that judges

Singing with this broken voice
I will welcome in tomorrow's needless worries too
I will cross into the light
Even if it's among a good-for-nothing kind of crew

It's all the same to you