fictosexuality info

to make a long story short, i am fictosexual. fictosexuality/fictoromanticism is an asexual identity in which a person is primarily or exclusively attracted to fictional characters, with said attraction being as strong or stronger than the feelings one may have for a real person.

from the moment romantic attraction was realized for me, around age 5, it was directed towards fictional characters, with very, very few exceptions. i was comforted by the adults around me, told that it was normal, and, most importantly, that i would eventually grow out of it and start liking real people.

of course, you can understand the hurt and shame i felt as i grew older, and older, and i ... didn't. the feelings for fictional characters never went away, and the attraction to real people never manifested. i felt like a failure, like i couldn't function in society. suddenly, the people who once comforted me started reaffirming my greatest fears about myself.

it wasn't until i discovered a growing fictosexual and 2d love community online that i was able to come to terms with this part of myself. since then, my mental health has improved and my fictosexual identity has become something i embrace, not hide.

in recent years my focus has shifted to pro-2D love social action. i will continue to educate people about fictosexual identity and advocate for the acceptance of people who love fictional characters.


do you think the fictional characters you like are real/exist in a different dimension?

no. while there is an element of spirituality to 2d love for many people, it's not a requirement, and it's not something i personally observe. discussions surrounding dimensional theory are somewhat popular in 2dl spaces, but to varying degrees of seriousness and again, it's not a requirement to be fict or 2dl.

do you think that 2d love is better than 3d love (or that everyone should be a 2d lover)?

no. it's not for everyone, and no one is claiming that it is. fictosexual and 2dl advocacy is not about “converting” people to 2d love, it's about furthering the social acceptance of people who already love fictional characters.

isn't this just a kink/fetish?

no. while there's ultimately nothing wrong with kinks or fetishes (if they're expressed in a healthy and consensual environment), 2d love cannot reasonably be considered a kink or fetish for the sole reason that it's not exclusively sexual.

the fulfillment that ficts and 2dls get from 2d relationships is emotional and romantic, not just sexual. some people do not view their 2d partners in a sexual light at all, engaging with only the emotional component of 2d love.

ultimately, the average 2d relationship is no more inherently sexual or sex-focused than the average 3d relationship. however, expressions of romantic 2d love are often sexualized by outsiders who cannot comprehend the idea of a non-standard relationship that doesn't exist primarily for sexual gratification.

this is why homophobia exists! you're making lgbt people look bad!

i'm not even going to entertain this argument. i have for too long.

no shit homophobes don't like us. they tend not to like anything that goes against the status quo. if you blame a group of ostracized people for ‘bringing it upon themselves' instead of recognizing our very real need for support, you're kind of an ass!

homophobes exist because of homophobia. they will continue to hate regardless of how normal the lgbt community makes itself out to be. respectability politics do not work. this has been proven time and time again.