i love my friends (like a lot)

the following is a list of notes for my friends. they might not see this, but if they do, i hope it makes them smile!

n . z . ▸ you are very cool and i like you a lot. i'm glad that once i finally started seeing my friends again, you were one of them. your sense of humor is as deranged as your heart is pure. may we infodump about video games to each other for years to come.

c . c . ▸ i value the time we spend together and the conversations we have, and all the dumb shit we send each other on ig. i still think you should make a neocities site. the y2k crowd would go crazy. like absolutely bonkers and youd make the front page in like 3 months

l . m . ▸ even though we haven't met face to face, you always make me laugh and generally add a great evil class clown aura to any environment. i check pkp every night before i go to sleep and sometimes it makes me question my life choices but it's still fun.

e . p . ▸ i know i'm not very active in the gc but your art and character design is awesome and i hope you go far.

j . s . ▸ i know it's been a while since we've met up irl but i still look forward to our convos in the funny gc. still kinda bummed that i didnt get to do ap art with you because i went hermit mode senior year but yeah

i . z . ▸ your style is super cool, love your art and just general vibe

the fine folks at ds : ms ▸ i love all of you!!! you guys never fail to make me smile.

funny lobster ▸ it's great reconnecting with you !! your site goes incredibly hard and you're based??

funny uhhh flatzoner(?) ▸ what can i say except your vibes are immaculate and your art is cool. beep boop