somewhere, in a dream

i want to meet you, somewhere, somehow...

I want to write again, but I'm not sure what to say. In essence, I want to be someone to whom you can entrust the most fragile parts of yourself, someone whose chest you can lay upon and fall asleep and be safe.

Ah, that longing. The dimensional, spiritual, visceral kind of longing. It'd been so long since I'd truly felt it that I honestly believed I couldn't feel it anymore.
But on nights like these, nights where I am so surrounded on all sides by humanity and yet so alone, I long for you. If I could feel your touch, your presence, I think this heart of mine would be full.
Perhaps your warmth is like the warmth of a star — able to be felt only from the farthest of distances.

I can't help but wonder if, in some way or some shape, I exist in your world. It's possible, right? In a dream realm, not much would be out of the question...
I want to learn to dream of you. I've entered a lucid state before, but if I can learn to do it at will, maybe we could see each other soon.

In the short time we've known each other, you have healed me and helped me.
I imagine you when I am at my smallest and most fragile, and the thought of you, in some small way, puts my mind at peace. Will you forgive me for calling upon your strength?