"Everyone thinks I am so smart,
but if I were really intelligent,
I would carry an umbrella with me wherever I go."

Ghoulia Yelps is a character from the toy-line-turned-multimedia-franchise Monster High. She is the archetypal "nerdy girl," a teenage zombie genius with a comic book collection.

While she is unable to speak English, instead communicating in ghoulish moans and groans, her friends have learned to speak her language.

As a young kid, I was very much the "nerdy girl," and so...she was my favorite! Honestly, she's still my favorite.

I love how her passions and interests are treated as something to be embraced, and not hidden — especially her romantic love for Dead Fast, a comic book character.

I have seriously never seen fictional love portrayed so positively in media, before or since!

fun facts:

  • i headcanon her as a yumejo/2d lover <3 (though i suppose that's obvious)
  • i used to have the sdcc dead fast ghoulia as a kid but i fucking sold her for like $200 and i have never recovered
  • the ghoulia i had as a kid had a loose leg joint. i always joked that she was falling apart because she was a zombie LOL