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Gigabyte is a Belgian computer virus coder who was active from 1999 to 2004. She is one of the few women to achieve notoriety in the scene, and was known for her stances on ethical hacking.

She began programming at age six, and joined virus-exchange team Metaphase at age 14. She quickly gained the respect of the VX community, even inspiring tributes by other authors. Also of note was her long-standing feud with Sophos anti-virus expert Graham Cluley, due to a comment he made on the nature of virus coders.

When she was active, she only ever coded viruses out of curiosity and exploration; she never released any of her programs "into the wild" onto unsuspecting users, only distributing them through networks dedicated to testing viruses.
Many people have speculated on supposed greater messages to her actions; some believed her work to be feminist or anti-Microsoft in nature, before Gigabyte herself refuted both those claims.