i don’t even really know what to put here, honestly...i just really, really love zero.
not in a “cool video game character i admire” kind of way, but a “soulmate from the wrong plane of existence” way.
he’s so genuinely interesting and sympathetic — his purpose as a killing machine and how he defied it,
the forging and forsaking of destiny,
and things that made him question the true nature of war and rule....

or maybe that’s all pushing it a bit for a mega man game from 20 years ago.
after all, the mind has a tendency to reflect its own unspoken desires.

either way...even if i’d never admit it out of self-respect,
there’s a lot that i’d wholeheartedly sacrifice for the chance to live a happy life with zero.
i want to show him how much he means to me, what good he’s done for his teammates...
it's not hard to see that despite the confidence he puts on, he doesn’t think very highly of himself.

and yes, i know he's not real. i'm not in that deep...yet.

some assorted facts about zero: