about tsuiteru

tsuiteru is a cv utauloid that i first created on october 15th of 2020.

they're an androgynous voicebank that currently has 1 pitch with another on the way.

as such, they're not currently available for download.

when they're finished, you'll be able to download them on this page.

i am an absolute beginner at using utau, and as such, my covers are far from perfect.

however, i have a lot of fun making them and hope to keep doing it for a while.


age: 16
height: 162cm (around 5'3")
gender: they're a robot ya dummy
(aka: whatever the song requires)
item: wire cutters

while they don't really have a "canon" personality (as with most vocaloid/utauloids),

i see them as either a classic 'android trying to understand their purpose in life' or a straight-up yandere.

i occasionally ship them with zero from the mega man series, but i don't take that aspect too seriously.

it's mostly a running gag meant to capture the silliness present in old utauloid lore :p

click on a photo to listen to some covers!