february 17 2021

honestly, i might end up disabling this journal soon. that, or making it a secret page. i don't really use it all that often.

ever since i stopped going to public school, and since covid is still happening, there hasn't been that much to report.

i think my mom knows i'm trans? i basically told her outright. nothing seems to have changed though. maybe once i start dressing more masculine...

nowadays i spend a lot of my time doomscrolling through terf sites. more time than i should. i guess i just feel like i shouldn't even try to

be trans, because i'll never make a convincing dude...i'm too emotional and i cry a bunch.

anyway i'm tired of having this journal be nothing but negative. so here's some nice things that happened to me in between entries:

- found a cute fuzzy ceramic rabbit at tj maxx in my favorite shade of green
- got back into scribblenauts, a series i really liked as a kid
- got back into perler beads, another hobby i had when i was younger
- reorganized my game room

so yeah, that's basically what's been going on. i know my journal is more like a changelog for my life at this point, but what can ya do.