december 4 2020

i tried baking on my own for the very first time.

i made two little cakes, one for my mom and one for myself.

they weren't bad. kind of dry but i didn't care.

i started a second profile on animal crossing. i'm gonna turn his house

into a comic book shop. his name is clover. it's nice to be able to play

animal crossing without hearing my real name...i want to be called connor instead...whatever.

i'm fully willing to accept that this is probably just a phase.

december 8 2020

i made brownies yesterday and they were really good! mom liked them a lot too.

we're probably going to be leaving our city's work environment is getting

worse and worse. i can't stand to see her like this.

i kind of want to buy a binder soon...i can almost pay for it online if i get another commission.

i'm not sure what would happen if my mom found it, though.. she'd probably be more upset that i lied to her,

but who could blame me? she does so much for me just for me to turn around and cry every night because i want to be a boy.

when people say that the new generation is doomed, they're thinking of me. and i struggle to wear that with pride.