august 31 2020

it's been one month and a day since i started this website, and i...haven't really done anything with it. i feel a bit guilty, but it's not like it's doomed to fail now or anything.

i was originally planning to keep this site dedicated to just art, but i have instagram and twitter and all that for my art. neocities is a unique thing, so my site should be unique.

maybe if i stop trying to make this a...fully-realized thing on its own without any experience, i'll actually have fun and express myself more. an experimental vibe, yknow?

either way, i don't want to make this exceedingly depressing, but i'm worried that it will happen without much input from me. it's hard for me to have a journal without...yeah.

hopefully reading this journal won't make you feel bad.

online school starts soon for me! i'm not exactly sure when because they haven't told me yet, but that'll be an experience. maybe it's easier than usual, but on the other hand,

it sucks to be at home and not get to relax. i guess it's the same either way though.