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why neocities?

my name is...well, just call me lucky.

this is where i go to practice coding, let off steam, and share my creative work.

there's a lot to see, so click on one of the menu or sidebar links and explore!

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site updates

6-22-22: something big is coming sooooon!

6-15-22: said webkinz fanpage (pj collie) is now up, and my raven beak shrine is no longer under construction! i finally have some stuff there! (^_^)

6-12-22: currently working on a new webkinz related fanpage! it's not up yet, but it will be soon!

6-7-22: added more translyrics and more content to the knuckles fanpage -- another page no longer under construction, woohoo! next week when i'm home i'm going to start taking photos for a new figure collection gallery, so stay tuned!

6-4-22: added a favicon! (courtesy of foollovers)

5-31-22: added a (very incomplete) knuckles the echidna fanpage :)

5-30-22: added a sidebar section for my vocaloid translyrics! i still have more to add and will update with new ones as i make them. i also added this fun update bulletin, and a fancy new iframe to my about page. the subpages might not work yet, but hold tight!

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