This is my collection of Tamagotchis and other assorted V-pet toys, which I've been collecting since winter of 2020.
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My very first tama! I received it as a gift, my mother having gotten it half off at a Books-a-Million.

I bought this one quickly after receiving my first ON. I found one with a damaged box and only paid $45 for it.

One of the first I ever bought off Facebook. English patched. One of my favorite color screen models, but has a very worn out speaker.

Tamagotchi ON - Fairytale Blue Tamagotchi ON - Magic Green Tamagotchi 4U - Pink Tamagotchi Pix - Floral Tamagotchi Pix - Sky Tamagotchi Pix Party - Confetti

My absolute favorite Classic shell. Arcade carpet <33333

Tamagotchi Smart - Mint Blue Original Tamagotchi P2 - Sky Original Tamagotchi P2 - Spring Stripes Original Tamagotchi P1 - Candy Swirl Original Tamagotchi P1 - 90's Original Tamagotchi P1 - Flames

My first classic-era tama. Got this one from the same seller as my 4U. It's not in the best cosmetic condition, but it works well.

I actually got this one NIB! The tape had never even been broken before. I didn't keep it that way, though (sorry).

Original Tamagotchi P1 - 25th Anniversary Special Edition Tamagotchi Plus Keitai Akai - Natural White Tamagotchi Plus Keitai Akai - Caramel Tamaogtchi nano Pacman - Black Tamagotchi nano Hello Kitty - Favorite Things Tamagotchi nano R2-D2 - Hologram Blue

Other Vpets

I love the Pixie! It was my first non-Bandai pet. The gameplay is simple and fun and the animation is smooth.

Digimon Digivice
20th Anniversary Edition -
Digimon Digivice
20th Anniversary Edition -
Glow in the Dark
Giga Pets Pixie - Purple Giga Pets Unicorn


Where to buy

Japan You Want — VPet and character goods store based in Japan with (relatively) cheap worldwide shipping
Tamagotchi Traders on Facebook — Worldwide Facebook BST group with over 7,000 members