It's (Actually) Surprisingly Easy to Hack your 3DS (And Why You Totally Should) (WIP)

October , 2022

I guess I don't really need to go into a long intro about this — if you're a cool online gamer bro such as myself, no doubt you're familiar with the meme. "Modding your 3DS is surprisingly easy! Anyone can do it with a simple tutorial! And there's so much more functionality available with custom firmware than—"

Yeah. And honestly? I'm not gonna pretend that the main purpose of this article isn't to propagandize to vanilla 3DS owners about how true all of those memes actually are (and to hopefully get them on track to modding theirs). But it's also...more than that.

What I'm hoping to do here is provide a complete picture of the 3DS hacking scene, its ideals, its quiet present and tenuous future, and to give something of an insider's perspective on why free modification is, like, an actual right that people should have.

3DS Hacking and Me

Even though the majority of the actual important information presented so far has been sourced from more experienced, more qualified hackermen, you may still be wondering about my personal relationship to the topic at hand: essentially, why I care so much.