about the webmaster

my "name" is lucky. it isn't my real name, as i'm sure you can tell,
but it almost seems like one to me. my..name-away-from-name, if you will.
don't get me wrong, i like my real name. i'd just rather not use it online.
i'm currently a high school junior (16).
after all of this is over, i'd really like to
go to art school, preferably colombus college of art and design.

my pronouns are he/they.

my strong points are character design and surreal horror.
my style is influenced equally by anime and western cartoons.
the things from my childhood that most influenced me artistically were
the powerpuff girls, mlp, sushi pack, sailor moon and a whole lot more.
my favorite bands/artists are ghost bc, anamanaguchi, lemon demon,
jack stauber, radiohead, and gorillaz.
i also really, really like vocaloid and have for around 7 years.
other stuff:
-my favorite color is pistachio green!
-i love gijinka designs and make tons of em!
-my favorite food is either tacos or fried rice
-my first console was a pink ds lite i got when i was 6
-i used to mod animal crossing new leaf :p
-i really need to update this site more.